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You can find us at 18555 Kuykendahl, Spring, Tx 77379.
The New office name is InFOCUS Vision Center and is located on the Southwest corner of Louetta and Kuykendahl. Go behind the Starbucks and we are near the mIlitary recruiter.

Many of you are aware of the non-profit "Visual Compassion" that I founded many years back. This organization is how I and my fellow 'visual servants' have chosen to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ. It currently runs 2 fully functioning clinics and is in the process of developing more. These clinics honor most insurance but also offer our own community program that have helped make vision care affordable to some of the most needy of our community. Each clinic still offers designer frames but we also run a supply chain of low-cost frames and a few laboratories to help fix the lens cost as well. Our community program is available to anyone. We have accomplished this with God's favor through our career training program that educates, trains, interns and sometimes employees men and women with a recent history of incarceration and/or addiction. Each life we get to touch has branches of family. That is parents and children that get their loved one back. At Visual Compassion we help nourish their faith so that they develop strong roots that can give back to their personal branches. Several of our program participants have been serving you for years while a few have even moved further into their careers and into other medical offices to create room for another.

I invite you to come see the new locations, to ask about our ministry, to hang a prayer request on the wall or to simply pray over the work we do. You can expect the same quality vision care and even experience a better level of service with a larger staff eager to assist.

All medical records will be kept at the new location as we merge the systems. Please be patient as we troubleshoot the technical details of this endeavor.


blessings and may God bless your family and lives.


My name is Dr. Joseph Dollak (Joey) and I have been in practice for 9 years and private practice for over 12 years. My training is from Stephen F. Austin and the Southern College of Optometry. I became an optometrist in 2000 and spent my first couple of years working in a medical based practice with an ophthalmologist. This environment enhanced my experience in medical and surgical related eye care. Co-managment of cataract, retinal, cornea (including RK, PRK, and LASIK) surgeries was all part of a normal day. Ocular disease, infections and foreign body removal were also standard daily needs. My current practice is quite capable of handling any of these ocular health problems while also offering special testing for glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic wellness exams.

That all sounds cool but most people come to see me to "make them see better". Vision is a very simple yet complex process. I personally believe my job is to make you see more comfortably and not just clearer. Good vision is also a matter of education. I feel it is just as important for you to know how and why a product is working for you, as the quality and time of your exam. So feel free to bring in your visual concerns and ask a lot of questions.

How do we take care of your prescriptions? We do this at YPOV via advanced optical products such as the latest progressive lense technologies, lense materials and coatings. Also, 60%+ of my adult population are wearing multifocal contacts for an array of visual demands. The optical hosts a variety of fashion forward frames and designer/sports sunglasses. And for those back-up glasses or price conscious shoppers we sell a $100 complete pair of polycarbonate glasses in many styles and colors.



Visual Compassion
A 501(c)3 that Dr. Dollak started to help bring visual needs to those who cannot afford it. (locally and abroad)

This website is part of Visual Compassion with any purchase going completely toward the visual needs of the less fortunate.

Mission Trips
This is a collection of photos from various vision mission trips to Ecuador, Haiti, Peru, and Mexico.

Special clinics
Currently Visual Compassion helps run 3 low-cost clinics (InFOCUS Vision Center's). 1 at 18555 Kuykendahl, 1 at 4608 Yale in the Volunteers of America building and 1 off of Washington in the Salvation Army.

Volunteer opportunities
We have a variety of eye related tasks that always need extra hands involved.